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Equipment Needs

Why must I purchase equipment?

Talon will provide equipment for trial classes. All members are required to have thier own equipment after the trial sessions have ended. This rule will be enforced for Drop In Members as well. Maintaining a healthy gym is top priority and having your own equipment ensures your health. Talon does carry equipment and Rhonda Rae can assist with your specific needs, however you are not required to purchase items from Talon  FightGear.

What equipment am I required to have?

Beginner Student:


Boxing or Muay Thai Gloves

Hand Wraps


Intermediate -Advanced Student add:


Thai pads

focus mitts

Advanced Student add:


belly pad

elbow pads

athletic cup

What do I wear?

Thai shorts with compression shorts or leggings worn under for coverage as Thai shorts have large leg openings for ease of movement.

Talon Tshirt (1 provided with membership) compression shirts or rash guards are optional and worn under the Talon Tshirt (rashguards and compression shirts are not provided).

Shoes are not allowed during Muay Thai.

Shoes that are only worn on the mat may be used during conditioning drills. No outside shoes allowed on the mat.


Talon Muay Thai is excellent! High quality instruction and great equipment. A fun intense experience for anyone. A++


                      Law Enforcement Agent


"I have had the pleasure of training at Talon Muay Thai. Rhonda Kness is dedicated, knowledgeable and encouraging. Solid techniques were shown and all questions answered. Every time I get a chance to stop in I leave having learned something new to improve my game. I have much respect for Talon Muay Thai and look forward to my next visit."


                          Amateur MMA Fighter


With her background in teaching, Talon owner, Rhonda Rae Kness understands how to teach people of all ages and skill levels. Her passion for the art of Muay Thai makes her a great instructor and motivator. Rhonda Rae creates a welcoming and encouraging environment with focus on correct technique, physical fitness and the fine details of Muay Thai. 

I am happy to recommend Talon Muay Thai to both beginners and seasoned martial arts practitioners. 








Muay Thai Minute

Under construction check back later. Thank you!













Talon Tid-Bits!


Group, youth, adult, partners, one on one and group specific classes are  offered.


*2-4-1 Class date to be announced

*all women's class to be announced

Current TPS Recipient!

A TPS recipient is a student who has demonstrated exemplary Muay Thai  skills using  Technique, Power and Speed during a class session.  TPS Awards are not lightly presented and a person may be the standing recipient over several weeks until another student displays the desired TPS skills.

Talon FightGear SALE!

Making room for new gear - stop by and check out the remaining  gloves  on sale.


Talon  FightGear is now a Yokkao Dealer

Stay tuned for an announcement concerning  a new Muay Thai product dealer contract

Information to come concerning the 2nd Annual Muay Thai Tournament of Champions shceduled for September.

September schedule  change to be announced soon!


Will I get hit? Yes, it is a contact sport however we learn control before we learn anything else. At Talon we pride ourselves in teaching technique which leads to controlled striking.

Do I have to fight?  Absolutely not! It is perfectly normal to be a practicioner of the  art. Does every golfer participate in a tournament?  No. We encourage students to train in Muay Thai and enjoy the benefits it brings to your daily life.

Do I have to have a partner?  No, some drills are designed for partners, however you are welcome to do the combinations on a hanging bag, it won't give you the reality of a moving person who counters but  you certainly may use the bag if that is your preference.

Are there age limits? Yes, and no. Talon Muay Thai requires students be 8 years of age to register for group instruction younger students may register for one on one instruction. There is no ceiling on the age requirement!

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